What’s your #ShoutAboutSolar story? Featuring Dr Tomás Sherwen

Dr Tomas Sherwen

We’re big fans of solar energy here at geo – and we know we’re not the only ones! That’s why we thought we’d get in touch with some of our lovely Solo PV-ers to find out why they’re so passionate about solar power.

This week, we caught up with Dr Tomás Sherwen to hear his solar story.

Meet Dr Tomás Sherwen

Say “hello” to Tomás! He lives in York and is a Researcher in Atmospheric Chemistry. When he’s not busy working, he blogs over at LittleEco.net – keeping his eco enthusiast followers (including us!) up-to-date with the latest renovation work he’s been carrying out on his eco home.

In his mission to make his home as eco-friendly as possible, Tomás had solar panels installed around three years ago. He finds that his 3.6 kW array tends to produce an average of 8.8 kWh per day.

Why Tomás decided to go solar…

There were quite a few different reasons for Tomás wanting to have solar panels installed. When we caught up with him, he told us:

“Through my work I understand the need to massively increase our renewable energy capacity globally and in the UK. This was me doing my little bit. I was also working to convert a typical small terrace in York to A from a D – in terms of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – for 10% of its value, and these panels really helped us meet those goals!”

How Tomás monitors his solar panel generation…

Tomás uses our Solo II PV display to keep an eye on his solar panel generation. His solar monitor is strategically placed in a room in the centre of his house – meaning he has to pass it (and take a quick look at it) each time he walks from room-to-room. Now, that’s what we call a bright idea!

Below are a few photos of the solar array Tomás has installed in his home. We’d recommend following him on Pinterest for even more insight into his eco renovation work.


One of the things Tomás likes most about his solar monitor is the fact that it helps him use the solar energy that his panels are generating.

“I often use my monitor to gauge how the panels are doing and whether I should put the washing machine or dishwasher on.”

With the Solo II PV monitor that Tomás has, for example, a bright, green finger icon flashes up when you’re generating a high amount of energy. This handily lets you know when to turn your high-load appliances on and helps you to use as much of your generated energy as possible.

When we first caught up with Tomás, he was just using his Solo II PV display, on its own, to monitor his solar generation. He’s since signed up for his very own energynote account so that he can see his solar data in even more detail.

How Tomás sees the future of solar power in the UK…

There’s been quite a bit of change in terms of UK energy policy of late – from FiT subsidy cuts to the restructuring of DECC. There’s also been a good deal of debate about just how bright the future of the UK’s solar industry is looking.

Tomás is keeping a positive outlook – telling us that even though the industry has taken a bit of a beating over the past year, he believes “solar panels remain a good bet if you are a large electricity consumer” and that “the recent advances in the battery market and technology will hopefully help recover the domestic market”.

We’re really pleased to hear such positivity and – likewise – we’re also staying optimistic. But, how about you? We’d love to hear you thoughts on the future of solar in the UK – or anything else in this blog post. Pop you comments in the box below.

And if you’re interested in taking part in our #ShoutAboutSolar series, please get in touch with us too. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo credit: Trillion Fund

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