Will Cosy work with my heating system?

Cosy works with most types of heating system that you will have in your home. Read on to find out whether Cosy will work with your existing home heating system.

  • Type of heating system

    Cosy works with all heating systems that can be controlled by a thermostat. It doesn’t matter if you have a wired or wireless thermostat or don’t have a thermostat fitted at all – as long as the boiler controller has a thermostat circuit you can use Cosy. This makes Cosy suitable for gas, LPG, oil, biomass and many electrical heating systems.

  • Twin-zone heating

    Most modern homes now have twin heating zones. Cosy supports twin heating zones but you’ll have to purchase an additional display for the second zone (the Cosy switch is able to control both zones).

  • Hot water

    If you have a combi boiler you do not need Cosy as your hot water is heated on demand. If you have a hot water tank and what is called a system boiler then you can purchase the hot water extension pack.

  • Rented properties

    Cosy is installed in addition to the current controls and so can be taken out when you leave the property. This means it’s suitable for rented homes (depending on the terms of your agreement with the landlord). You’re normally required to leave the property in the state you took over it in so you may have to do some decorating work (filling in screw holes) as you would if you had put some shelves up! Remember though, Cosy needs to be installed by a competent person.



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