Our history

Patrick and Simon started geo back in 2006. They both wanted to do something that would help reduce the amount of energy we use – Patrick for climate change reasons and Simon because he believes a shortage of resources will impact us before climate change does.

  • The start

    The starting point was to make energy visible – because energy is so out of sight it’s also often out of mind and that needs to change. In 2006 many people thought we were crazy, but now consumer engagement is a mainstream requirement with utilities all over the world looking at how they can engage their customers more fully.

  • Our research

    This was a green field subject at the start – and in many ways it still is! So we ran our own consumer research programme – and still do. Focus groups, online surveys and co-creation, we do them all. But nothing replaces real product experience so we built our first three systems to trial (see the Visible Energy trial). This taught us a lot about what users do and do not want which helped us refine our designs – the Solo we first designed in 2007 remains one of our most popular designs.

    Most of all we find that user perception changes quite radically the more familiar users become with energy. People wish to start simple but before long are keen to seek out more detail and to take control – and then they want automation. However, very few users will buy automation straight away – they need to take the journey!

  • Our strategy

    In all markets volume is key; it drives quality, pricing, product improvements – everything. So we went where the volumes were and set out to provide utilities with products that they can use to engage with their customers more closely. But first you need the data – and getting it was not easy! So we started out as a product business collecting data from standard pre-smart meters using our own sensors. This gave us a simple low cost electricity monitor that could be fitted by the user. This gave us our first volume contracts.

    Since then we’ve delivered over 2 million systems and currently have the capacity to deliver 100,000 products a month. In turn this track record has enabled us to become the leading provider of in-home displays to the UK Smart Metering Programme. As the use of web portals and mobile apps has grown, so too has interest in getting data out of the home. Our business has followed these technical developments. Now as well as products, we develop and operate mobile apps and web portals too.

  • Where next?

    We currently operate in three energy product sectors: smart metering, smart solar and smart heating. We see these three sectors converging to deliver the Hybrid (energy) Home. Read more about this here.

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