Working with data

Working with data is one of our core areas of expertise. We specialise in ‘small data’ – all those little bits that make up big data but which need to be gathered all the same – and how to use small data effectively to deliver value to consumers.

  • First you need the data

    Collecting data accurately, reliably and at a low cost is the starting point. A large element of our core skills are about just this: collecting data in the home – be it energy, temperature even water consumption data.

  • Then you need to transfer it

    Both around the home and transferring it to the cloud: again you need to do it reliably, at low cost and securely. Another element of our core skills is doing just this using a range of protocols and our M2M platform. And of course, making APIs available for others to access the data.

  • Then you need to analyse it

    Whether this is done in the home or on the cloud (or a mixture of both) this is what turns data into the information that aids understanding as well as automation. This is the third core skill of ours.

  • And then the fun can begin – using it!

    This is still very much a green field topic – how to make energy information come alive and mean something. We’re always asking the one difficult question: “so what?”. Learning how to answer this has been our challenge right from geo’s very beginning. And all this has to be done securely. Security is important to us all and this is our fifth core data expertise.

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