Energy monitoring

See, explore, analyse 

Different people digest information about energy in very different ways. In-home displays, smart phone apps and web services all play a role in informing consumers. We understand that there is no one energy monitoring device that can do everything – so instead we offer a range to suit every home and lifestyle.

Our energy monitors

Minim+ energy monitor

The Minim+ electricity monitor uses a simple and intuitive display to help people see and understand their energy habits.

Solo II home energy monitor

The Solo II is our complete-view, in-home display that shows you how much energy you're using in as much detail as you'd like to know.

Minim+ Solo II energy monitor
Features Monitors home electricity use & consumption against budget Internet-connected display that monitors home electricity consumption against budget; internal temperature
Meter support CT clip (single phase) Existing electricity meters using CT clips (single or 3-phase)
Display Colour LCD display Colour LCD display
Smart metering standards n/a n/a
Online services and connectivity Not connected Energynote online service mobile web app
Smart home functionality No Yes: smart plugs & temperature sensors

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