Minim energy monitor

The Minim energy monitor uses a simple and intuitive display to help people engage with their energy habits. Using intelligent graphics – in a speedometer style – consumers can see current energy use and a budget bar to help keep track of costs. The Minim+ gives energy control back to homeowners.

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The Minim+ is a simple, self-installed display that uses a CT clip and a wireless transmitter for accuracy, reliability and range. If you’re looking for something simple and great value then the Minim+ is the electricity monitor for you.

Easy-to-read display

  • Intuitive display that acts like a clock on the wall
  • Razor sharp, high contrast, colour, backlit LCD display
  • Shows real-time electricity usage and historic consumption
  • A budget bar helps keep track of costs

Easy-to-read display
Control your energy use

Control your energy use

  • Alerts user to unusual patterns of energy usage
  • Simple to self-install and set up
  • Uses a CT clip around the mains incomer

Quick installation

  • Very easy to install and configure
  • Shows what tariff you are currently on
  • Supports up to three separate tariffs with optional standing daily charge
  • Internal temperature

Quick installation
More information

More information

To read more about the Minim+ download our datasheet.

“Gather round, Amazonians, for I have a tale to tell. For the past year our electricity usage has been creeping up which I thought was just due to rising prices or maybe lights being left on. I ordered the geo Minim as it has the nicest colour display with usage bar, not like those clunky LCD things, also for the fact that it can handle 2 tariffs.”

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