Solar monitoring

Maximising the payback from your panels

We understand that your solar PV system has an important job to do – it’s supplying energy to your home and providing a return on your investment. So why wouldn’t you want to keep an eye on how the system’s performing and how you can be as efficient as possible when it comes to using your generated electricity? Our solar monitoring solutions will help you do exactly that.

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Solo II PV

Be completely confident that your solar PV system is working its hardest for you. Engaging, simple and easy to set up, the Solo II PV allows you to make the most of your solar power.


With 100% meter accuracy the Solo III PV shows generation, import/export and home consumption. It's designed to maximize your solar efficiency.

Solo II PV Solo III PV
Retail price (inc VAT) £99.95 £289.95
Installation Can be self-installed or installed by your PV installer Professionally installed by your PV installer or electrician
Display (free standing or wall mountable) Yes Yes
Sensor Battery-powered wireless sensor on generation meter Smart meter (supplied) provides generation and consumption readings
Generation monitor Not included Integrated into smart meter (MID approved for FIT readings)
PV generation monitoring Yes Yes
Tariff settings FiT (generate, export, deeming) FiT (generate, export, deeming) up to 3 consumption tariffs and standing charge
Consumed (imported) electricity monitoring No Yes
Exported electricity monitoring No Yes
Integrated temperature sensor Yes Yes
Optional wireless temperature sensors Yes No
1 phase compatibility Yes Yes
3 phase compatibility Yes No
Online energynote service on a PC, tablet, smartphone Yes, included Yes, included
Internet connectivity Internet bridge connects to broadband via supplied Ethernet cable Solo III Hub connects to broadband via supplied Ethernet cable
Currencies supported GBP, EUR, KR, USD GBP, EUR, KR, USD

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