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Whether you’re looking for a smart thermostat or an in-home energy display, a solar monitoring system or a smart plug or two, we have a range of products to suit your energy tech needs and help you lead a more energy efficient lifestyle.

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What we do at geo HQ

We focus on the energy element of the smart home. It’s our aim to make energy smarter by breaking new ground in home energy technology. Our vision is to make your home work around you and not make you have to change the way you behave to become more energy efficient.

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    Meet Cosy, our best-selling smart thermostat. Cosy lets you control your heating from the palm of your hand – whether you’re at home or away.

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By making customers happy and...

Handy addition to Geo Solo II PV monitor"Paired easily using the instructions found with my PV monitor and has worked flawlessly since purchasing with the outside temperature displayed neatly in the bottom corner of the monitor. A little bigger than expected based on the picture (which makes it look about the size of a USB thumb drive) but is probably twice the size. Perfectly reasonable price."
Minim+“This item is deadly accurate – so much so that if you configure it properly with all your standing charges and kWh costs like I did, it will tell you what your bill will be for the month. Warning – this information WILL make you turn things off! Either that or start throwing slippers at people who leave the lights/TV/radio/oven/chargers on all the time. Great product – you have been warned!”
Solo II energy monitor“Great product, was so surprised how much electricity the kettle and toaster use. Have now set the family a daily target and we are all monitoring the website to see how we are doing. Being able to access the energy use remotely when out of the house is also great.”
An electrical monitor"This adaptor is part of the electrical monitor system produced by Geo and when coupled with the Ensemble display shows the amount of power being consumed from that particular socket. It needs some current flowing through it during the 'pairing' stage when it is linking with the display unit.They are designed for intermittent use and seem to work quite well. The 'active' plugs are for appliances which are on all the time - like Fridge Freezers etc."