What is Cosy?

Cosy is a portable thermostat that helps simplify your heating controls. With Cosy you and your family can control your home environment from the palm of your hand – whether you’re in, out or away.

  • What is Cosy?

    Cosy is a wireless home heating system that helps put temperature control in the palm of your hand. Using the Cosy app you and your family can control your home environment – whether you’re at home, at work or away. Instead of your only heating controls being either on or off and having a single temperature setting (often found in your hall) Cosy lets you:

    1. Have three temperature settings – Slumber for when you’re asleep or out of the house, Comfy for normal living and Cosy for when you need that extra bit of comfort
    2. Easily select which setting you want – this can be done either from the portable Cosy display in your home or via your Cosy mobile app
    3. Control your hot water too – if you have a hot water tank and would like to control your hot water too you can buy the hot water extension pack

  • How does Cosy work?

    Cosy provides additional controls for your heating system – it doesn’t replace anything. There are two controls:

    1. The Cosy display – this is the temperature controller and also provides local controls
    2. The mobile app – use this to set daily temperature profiles and control your heating remotely

    The temperature control talks wirelessly to the Cosy switch, which controls the boiler. The app connects to the Cosy hub via your broadband router. The system is installed alongside your current heating controls – this means it’s compatible with almost all heating systems. What’s more, you can take it with you when you move – making Cosy suitable for rented premises too.

  • Cosy components

    Cosy display

    This sits on a battery charging station and can be taken with you when you move around your home so that it controls the temperature where you are. If you have twin heating zones you’ll need an additional display for the second zone.

    Cosy switch

    This is installed out of sight next to your boiler controls or junction box. It requires a competent person to install it as it’s hard wired to your system. The heating switch supports twin zones. If you have a hot water tank and wish to control your hot water too you can purchase a second switch – the hot water extension pack.

    Cosy hub

    This is the brains of the system and is connected by Ethernet to your broadband router. The display, switch and app all communicate via the hub.

    Cosy app

    This can be downloaded for free and supports multiple users. There are three versions: iOS, Android and a web app.



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