Smart metering businesses

The UK government has placed consumers at the heart of its smart meter programme and has mandated in-home displays (IHDs) for all consumers. It has also made provision for consumer access devices (CADs) that make real-time smart meter data available for other uses – both in the home and on the web.

We are the leading provider of these systems and geo holds major supply contracts with multiple energy retailers and meter providers.

Our current products

  • In-home displays (IHDs)

    ZigBee 1.2 certified, UK SMETS 1 compliant and being installed in volume with the foundation phase of the UK smart metering programme. New SMETS 2 displays are currently in development.

  • Consumer access devices (CADs)

    Trial units are currently available for testing – either as a simple stand-alone unit or integrated with our home hub.

  • Mobile apps

    About to enter trials with our CAD-enabled hub our Virtual In-Home Display (VIHD) mobile app seeks to explore and demonstrate the value of real-time mobile energy applications.

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