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What’s the story?

Eleven years ago, we had a bright idea to help people save energy. The concept was simple – show people what they’re using and you can help them to use less. The next step was to test it out on consumers. So we embarked on a research programme that we called the Visible Energy Trial. It taught us lots about what users respond to best, which helped us to produce the best design for our first energy monitor – we must’ve done something right as it continues to be one of our most popular designs. We’ll give ourselves a pat on the back for that.

Our vision

At geo, our vision is to help you save money on your home energy bills. That’s why our smarter energy devices make it simple for you to control how much energy you use. One little device at a time, we’re showing customers that they can have a big impact on their energy bills. But we’re not stopping there. Our concept of the Hybrid Home will allow even more savings for consumers. By bringing lots of clever technologies together, the home will be given a huge boost in energy efficiency – this will get bills to an all-time low without compromising on home comfort.

The word is spreading

We’ve grown up in the Cambridgeshire countryside but our products are a hit all over the UK – having sold more than 4 million energy monitors to homes far and wide. When it comes to energy efficiency, it seems everyone wants a piece of the action. And who can blame them? Whilst doing your bit for the environment, you can also save more than a few pennies on your energy bills. Sounds good to us!

Award-winning innovations

We’ve worked our socks off at geo to battle climate change by transforming people’s energy use habits. And we’re pleased to say that all the hard work is paying off – phew! We’re succeeding in creating a positive, long-term impact on climate change – in recognition of this, we’ve received a 2017 Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

Queen's Award

Getting customers on-board with our innovations has also driven our commercial success. So much so that we’ve made our way onto the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 for the second time – the prestigious league table which ranks Britain’s private companies with the fastest-growing sales over their latest three financial years – ranking at no. 60. 

Got a smart meter?

If so, then you should be familiar with its accompanying in-home display – it might look a bit like the one pictured. Whilst these will be provided by your energy provider and can’t be purchased directly through us, if it’s got the geo name on it then we’re here to support you. Whatever your query, our comprehensive support pages should hold the answers – if not you can contact us for more help. 

Coming soon…

Watch this space for exciting developments in smart home tech. We plan to bring all our energy efficiency innovations under one roof and add an energy storage system. It will all be controlled and monitored by a neat user interface – a bit like a car dashboard for your home. Together, these will form what we like to call the Hybrid Home.

Join in

So, what are you waiting for? Join the millions of customers that are putting energy efficiency at the heart of their homes.

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