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25 Million people injured by biscuits!

A survey from The Biscuit Inquiry Threat Evaluation outlines the hidden dangers of this much loved treat!

Do not be fooled by their tasty exterior, in a study published by The Telegraph, it was found that biscuits are more dangerous than we first thought!

An estimated 25 millions adults in the UK have been injured whilst eating biscuits. The most dangerous biscuit, that was found to cause the most injuries is the popular custard cream….make sure you keep them under close watch!

Whilst The Telegraph reported this critical study, I hear you ask which which wise soul decided to run it? The study and potential dangers were actually calculated by The Biscuit Inquiry Threat Evaluation team (good work guys!)

So what are the hidden dangers of the UK’s favourite accompaniment to tea?

  • Flying fragments
  • Dunking in scalding tea
  • The “dunker” poking themselves in the eye with a hot biscuit
  • Falling off a chair whilst reaching for the biscuit tin

If you want to minimise the risk, then look no further than the safest biscuit, the Jaffa Cake. Yes it is a biscuit, not a cake. (The Jaffa Cake was confirmed as a biscuit in 1991 – not a cake!)

Whilst here at geo HQ we love a biscuit, it needs to be accompanied by tea (white with no sugar if you are asking!) But boiling a kettle uses energy, and energy costs money. Npower estimates that it costs 2.5p to boil a full kettle, that doesn’t sound like much but over a year it soon adds up! A mere 3 boils a day will cost you around £27.41 per year!

If you would like to take a more accurate reading and find out exactly how much it costs to boil a kettle then look no further than the Minim+ Energy Monitor by geo!

April Bowles, Marketing Executive - geo

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