Meet cosy, our smart thermostat

Cosy is a wireless, multi-user home heating system that puts temperature control in the palm of your hand.


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Cosy smart thermostat display

Cosy smart thermostat display

These extra Cosy displays are suitable for homes that already have Cosy installed. Please note, for twin-zone heating control, your home will need to be set up for dual-zone heating already.


Now you can choose a Cosy Display to match your individual style and home decor.

By connecting a second display to your existing Cosy smart heating system, you can control each of these heating zones separately using your Cosy App.


Learn more about the Cosy Thermostat Display:

Award-winning design. Cosy won Silver at the International Design Awards (IDA) 2015.

Twin-zone control. If you have more than one heating zone in your home, you can control each of these areas separately using the Cosy App.

Portable thermostat. Cosy goes where you go! This means you can stay cosy whether you’re watching TV in the bedroom or reading in the living room.

Fuss-free temperature settings. Take your pick from 3 heating modes (Comfy, Cosy or Slumber) then sit back, relax and let Cosy do the rest.

Your Cosy Kit

  • Cosy Display + docking station – your portable thermostat and heating controller


  • designed to work with your existing Cosy system
  • your home needs to be wired for twin-zone heating to support Cosy twin-zone heating control

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White (Standard), Wood (Limited Edition), Black (Limited Edition)