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Active Smart Plug II

View energy use. Use the Ensemble Colour display or your Solo II energynote to see how much energy (kWh) your appliances are using. Please note, this function is not available for Cosy.

Multiple Smart Plugs. Did you know that you can connect up to 6 Active Smart Plugs to your Ensemble and energynote account? For Cosy, you can schedule up to 5 Smart Plug-connected products to come on with your heating.

Keep track of energy costs. Track your appliances’ electricity consumption – see which are the hungriest (and most costly) of all. Please note, this function is not available for Cosy.

Energy control on the go. Active Smart Plugs let you see and control your home appliances – wherever you are in the world. Solo II and Ensemble users can do this via energynote and Cosy users via the Cosy app – either on mobile, tablet or PC.

Create smart schedules. Use your energynote app to schedule what times you want your Smart Plug-connected devices to come on, or turn off, during the day. With Cosy you can use the Welcome Home feature to schedule which appliances you want to switch on when your heating does.


  • works with the Ensemble Colour, Solo II (in Consumption mode only) and Cosy smart thermostat.
  • not compatible with the Ensemble Mono. You’ll need the Active Smart Plug I
  • works with the Solo II energy monitor – in Consumption mode only. You will need to have registered your Solo II on energynote as being used in Consumption mode too.
  • not compatible with the Solo II PV or Solo II in Microgen mode.
  • have Solo II without energynote? You’ll need the Web Pack to make use of the Active Smart Plug II.
  • for fridges and freezers we recommend using the Passive Smart Plug II (it stops you from accidentally turning off key appliances) instead.

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