Cosy smart thermostat Single Zone + Installation

Come home to Cosy with this smart heating controller for the whole family. With Cosy’s wireless smart thermostat and handy app, you can control the temperature of your home – from wherever you are in the world.

This product includes professional installation which must be booked when you complete your purchase.


Easy to use. Choose from 3 simple heating modes and create up to 7 unique heating schedules. Use the app either to schedule your perfect heating programme, or to adjust your heating manually as and when the mood (or unpredictable British weather!) takes you.

Designed with you in mind. Cosy won Silver at the International Design Awards (IDA) 2015. What’s more, our Cosy smart heating controller fits right in your palm – handy that!

You can count on Cosy. Cosy works alongside your existing thermostat. This means, you don’t have to remove your current heating controls (and redecorate!), Cosy can move house with you and you always have the option to revert back to your original controls if you want.

This product includes professional installation which must be booked when you complete your purchase.


Portable thermostat. Cosy goes where you go! This means you can stay cosy whether you’re watching TV in the bedroom or reading in the living room.

Hot water control. For homes with a hot water tank (i.e. not a combi boiler) Cosy lets you control when you want your hot water to come on and switch off. Make sure you’ve selected the Hot Water package to include this feature.

Fuss-free temperature settings. Take your pick from 3 heating modes (Comfy, Cosy or Slumber) then sit back, relax and let Cosy do the rest.

Alexa voice control. If you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot you can control your Cosy heating and hot water using just your voice. Simply download the Cosy skill from the Alexa Skill Store to get started.

Simple heating schedules. Set daily temperature profiles to suit your life. You can create up to 7 of these. Cosy then automatically controls your heating and hot water for you.

Handy Cosy App. Control your heating and hot water from anywhere – using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Making comfort affordable. Stop heating your home when you don’t need to be. With Cosy, you can change your heating as your day changes.

Welcome Home feature. Connect an Active Smart Plug II to your Cosy system to schedule your lamp (or any other appliance) to come on when your heating does.

Pipe protection. Hibernate mode keeps your heating off but protects your pipes against frost – meaning no burst pipes!

Secure data. Your data’s safe with us. We use our own encrypted, wireless protocol (868 MHz if you’re interested!) which means your data is nobody’s business but your own.

Your Cosy Kit

  • Cosy Display + docking station – your portable thermostat and heating controller
  • Cosy Hub – wirelessly links your display with the Cosy Switch
  • Cosy Switch – controls your boiler
  • Cosy Hot Water Switch – controls your hot water tank (included with Hot Water Package only)
  • Cosy App – available for iOS, Android and web
  • Installation included. No need to self-install – phew! See below for more details.


When you get to the checkout you’ll be able to select an installation date. Then, all you need do is sit back, relax and wait for your Cosy to be fitted by one of our friendly installers.


  • works with all heating systems that can be controlled by a thermostat – either wireless or wired – as long as the boiler controlled has a thermostat circuit
  • suitable for gas, LPG, oil, biomass and many electrical heating systems
  • supports single and twin zone heating
  • works with your hot water tank
  • under-floor heating systems are also supported, however extra consideration should be given to the scheduling of the heating due to the thermal lag in such systems

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