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geo Solo II PV – for solar panel microgeneration

Use more of what you generate. Let the green finger icon point you in the direction of energy savings! Once illuminated, (when >750W is being generated) this indicates that you turn on high-load appliances such as your dishwasher to use your generated solar.

Easy-to-read display. The full-colour display and clear speedos help you make light work of reading your solar data. Fun fact: the Solo II PV was the first UK solar monitor to have a colour screen.

View live and historic data. See how much power your panels have generated at any given time. See your data in kW, ££s earned from FiT and CO2 saved.

Simple to self-install. No specialist installers or additional wiring needed = no fuss.

Accurate data. The LED sensor for pulse output generation meters makes for highly accurate solar generation readings.

Monitor home temperature. The Solo II PV has a built-in sensor to monitor and display indoor temperature.

Your Solo II PV kit

  • Solo II PV Display – your in-home display (IHD)
  • Transmitter + LED sensor – relays your solar generation data from your meter to your display


  • You will need to have solar panels installed to use the Solo II PV.
  • Compatible with both single-phase and 3-phase supply.


This couldn’t be easier:

  • Attach the LED sensor over the flashing pulse on the front of your generation meter (Velcro pads are included in the pack).
  • Power up the transmitter (batteries supplied in pack that will last up to 2 years).
  • Power up the display and immediately start to see live generation from your PV system.

Download the Solo II PV Quick Start Guide here to see how easy it is to install.

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