Passive Smart Plug II

Passive Smart Plugs are intelligent devices you can add to the socket before plugging your appliance into the wall. With a Passive Smart Plug attached, you can collect and monitor data on the cost (in both kWh and ££) of running your device.


The Passive Smart Plug II works with our Ensemble Colour and Solo II (in Consumption mode only) energy monitors. They can be used on any appliances but, because Passive Smart Plugs are locked so that you can never turn on/off key appliances by mistake, they’re best used on products like your fridge or freezer that you wouldn’t ever want to turn off by accident!

Psst! Got a Solo II electricity display without energynote? To monitor your energy use in more depth you’ll need to get the Web Pack.


The Passive Smart Plug II allows you to:

View energy use. See how much energy (kWh) your appliances are using with the help of the handy energynote app.

Keep track of energy costs. Track your appliances’ electricity consumption – see which are the hungriest (and most costly) of all.

Multiple Smart Plugs. Did you know that you can view up to 6 Passive Smart Plug-connected products (using your Ensemble display or energynote account) at any one time?

Group your Smart Plugs. Appliances connected to your Smart Plugs can be grouped together. This helps you to keep a better eye on them, all in one place! Please note, the grouping feature only works with the Ensemble Colour, and not Solo II.


  • works with the Ensemble Colour display
  • compatible with the Solo II energy monitor – in Consumption mode only. You will need to have registered your Solo II on energynote as being used in Consumption mode too.
  • not compatible with the Solo II PV or Solo II in Microgen mode.
  • use Passive Smart Plugs to track appliances (like your fridge and freezer) that you don’t want to turn off. If you want to turn your devices on/off you’ll need an Active Smart Plug