geo Solo II energy monitor

The Solo II is geo‘s complete view in-home display that shows you how much energy you’re using in as much detail as you’d like to know.


From the price of a hot drink to the carbon cost of your washing, you can keep track of consumption, spend and environmental impact. 

*Please note this product is not suitable for use with Solar Panels


*Please note this pack contains a display only (no Internet Bridge)

  • Easy to self-install, easy to use (not designed for homes with solar PV installed)
  • Colour display for great visibility and style
  • Keep track of energy use against budget
  • See energy cost in ££, CO2 or kWh
  • Live data plus historical record for comparison
  • Three CT-Clip sensors supplied for single or three phase electricity meters
  • Shows room temperature on display
  • Supports up to 3 electricity tariffs and daily standing charge; works with Economy 7 tariffs
  • Stores up to 1 month of usage history

Extend the smart home functionality with the geo Internet Bridge to access live and historic data from any connected device. The Internet Bridge gives free access to geo’s energynote web service showing live and historic information on energy consumption and cost. It shows the trends and offers analysis plus it enables the geo Smart Plug functionality. Smart plugs allow you to monitor and control different appliances in the home enabling you to spot the big energy guzzlers and ensure you are only using appliances when you need to. The Solo II can also be extended with an additional Temperature Sensor to compare with the built-in temperature sensor on the display. Position the additional Temperature Sensor outside or on a hot water pipe and you start to get a more detailed picture.

The Solo II uses the 868MHz radio frequency which is ideal for wirelessly sending data within the home – geo’s private Legato protocol, coupled with 868MHz radio, ensures security and excellent range (over 30m from the transmitter to the display)


Fitting the sensor is safe, simple and can be done by anybody. Simply take the CT clip sensor and connect to the mains cable going into your meter – the transmitter that the sensor is connected to will automatically start sending data to the display – it’s that simple. See the Quick Start Guide for further installation information.