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geo Solo II PV – with energynote online services

The geo Solo II PV will enable you to make the most of your PV installation by providing real-time visual feedback on the electricity you are generating.

Our in-home display is full-colour, simple, intuitive and easy to install, no additional wiring is required.


The internet bridge provided gives you access to our online service energynote. energynote provides in-depth, real-time generation data, hints and tips for your microgeneration as well as analysis of all your historical data.

  • Easy to install, easy to read
  • View live, comparative and historical data
  • LED sensor for pulse output generation meters
  • Full access to energynote – geo’s FREE online and mobile service – from any connected device
  • View generation in kW, money earned from the Feed-In Tariff and CO2 saved
  • In built sensor shows the temperature in the room. You can pair an additional geo Temperature Sensor to show a second temperature zone (inside or outside)


This couldn’t be easier:

  • Attach the LED sensor over the flashing pulse on the front of your generation meter (Velcro pads are included in the pack)
  • Power up the transmitter (batteries supplied in pack that will last up to 2 years)
  • Power up the display and immediately start to see live generation from your PV system

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