geo Solo II PV – with energynote online services

With the geo Solo II PV you can measure your live and historic generated electricity from solar panels and your earnings through the Feed in Tariff.


The Solo II PV is a stylish and elegant web-enabled In-Home Display which provides real-time information that triggers interest and provides an indication to turn on high-load appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers when >750W is being generated, helping you to make the most of your PV system.


The geo Solo II PV will enable you to make the most of your PV installation by providing real-time visual feedback on the electricity you are generating.

Our in-home display is full-colour, simple, intuitive and easy to install, no additional wiring is required.

The internet bridge provided gives you access to our online service energynote. energynote provides in-depth, real-time generation data, hints and tips for your microgeneration as well as analysis of all your historical data.

  • Easy to install, easy to read
  • View live, comparative and historical data
  • LED sensor for pulse output generation meters
  • Full access to energynote – geo’s FREE online and mobile service – from any connected device
  • View generation in kW, money earned from the Feed-In Tariff and CO2 saved
  • In built sensor shows the temperature in the room. You can pair an additional geo Temperature Sensor to show a second temperature zone (inside or outside)


This couldn’t be easier:

  • Attach the LED sensor over the flashing pulse on the front of your generation meter (Velcro pads are included in the pack)
  • Power up the transmitter (batteries supplied in pack that will last up to 2 years)
  • Power up the display and immediately start to see live generation from your PV system