geo Solo III Solar PV

The geo Solo III solar PV monitor is a professionally installed solution that delivers some great benefits;

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Meters accurate information on generation, import and export and household consumption.

Indicates when to switch on appliances (based on precise export levels) increasing your savings.

Shows when you are importing and when you are exporting.

Shows FiT earnings, savings by using your generated energy and ‘deemed’ export amounts.


Simple, yet engaging online service: energynote®:

Live and historic information via smartphone, tablet, PC

Trends and analysis enable you to pinpoint how efficient you could be by using more of your generated energy

Data download available

  • Colour display and FREE web service show live and historical information
  • See generation, import/export and household consumption from the colour display, smart phone, tablet or PC
  • All data is 100% accurate. See exactly how much you are generating, earning and saving
  • Should take less than an hour to fit by a qualified electrician or PV installer
  • Can be installed before or after your panels are installed by a qualified electrician

Download the user manual here