Waterlock 6 sensor pack (self install)

Protect your home from water leaks and water damage with Waterlock, the leak protection and mains water shut-off system.

Waterlock gives customers peace of mind and control of their home’s water supply whether home or away. Unlike most systems on the market today, it not only detects standing water, low temperature and high humidity conditions, but can instantly shut off the mains water supply automatically without any manual intervention.

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing Waterlock, you must ensure that the product is suitable for your home. The system is only compatible with 15mm or 22mm copper or plastic pipes (not lead) which are in good condition. There must be ample access to the stopcock and surrounding area for the system to be fitted.

To help you establish whether your home is suitable, please watch this video before proceeding with your purchase.

This package is for self-installation.


Modern design – contemporary look and feel

Temperature alerts – to avoid pipes freezing in low temperatures

Standing water alerts – limit the damage caused by the escape of water when the mains water automatically shuts off

Battery powered – no need for mains power, the batteries in the Valve Controller and Sensors last up to two years. You can even check the status of battery levels in the Waterlock App

Multiple Sensors – you can have up to 6 sensors connected to the Waterlock system. This will help to cover multiple areas of risk

Independent of your broadband – if your internet goes down, Waterlock will still work to protect your home against escape of water

The Waterlock app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Detection and action – Waterlock not only detects leaks but also closes the valve automatically. Leaks can be detected by the sensors placed around the home, either by the presence of standing water or an increase in humidity levels in the area. You can also remotely control the mains water with the valve using through the app.

The Waterlock app simply and remotely manage the home’s water supply. The app also provides notifications at the first sign of a leak, change in humidity or temperature. 

System components:

  • Valve with installation guide
  • 6x wireless sensors
  • Hub
  • Valve controller
  • App (iOS and Android)


This package is for self-install only, it does not include installation.

Pre purchase advice:

Before purchasing your Waterlock system, we advise checking your house is compatible and you will also need to have a few pieces of information to hand.

View our video to find out how.