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How to save money on your heating bill (but still keep warm) this winter

Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to turn your heating down or wear a onesie. Read on for our five top tips for keeping warm in your home – whilst keeping those heating bills down – this winter.

Top 5 Tips

#1 Dig out your draft excluder

Did you know that by keeping those chilly drafts out of your house, you could save up to £35 a year on your heating bill? That’s according to the good folk over at Energy Saving Trust. Don’t have a draft excluder? Fashion one Blue Peter-style out of an old bedsheet or simply pop a bit of tape over any particularly pesky gaps.

#2 Hibernate mode

Putting your Cosy into Hibernate mode is a great way to make sure you’re not using energy when you don’t need to be. Cosy’s Hibernate mode means you can have your heating switched off when you’re not at home… but, even though your heating is off, Hibernate mode’s frost protection feature makes sure that your home never drops below 6ºC. This means no burst pipes and plumbing disasters for you this winter. Hoorah!

#3 Reorganise your room

Hands up – who’s guilty of having their sofa positioned right in front of the radiator? By moving any furniture that’s in front of your radiators out of the way, this will stop your precious warmth being absorbed. This means more heat for you and the rest of your room.*

*This may or may not improve your room’s feng shui!

#4 Let the sunshine – in through your windows

By leaving your curtains open during sunshine hours, this allows any warmth from the sun to enter your house. Be sure to close them again though as soon as they sun starts to go down in the evening. This will help keep the heat in.

#5 Create a custom Christmas schedule

Chances are your routine over the festive period will be quite a bit different from how it normally is. If this is the case, why not use your Cosy to create a custom schedule for the holidays?

Keep things simple by creating a new profile to keep your house in Comfy mode when you’re at home in family-hosting mode – and one that programmes your home to be in Hibernate mode for these days when you’re in family-visiting mode.

Now it’s over to you. Which of these top energy-saving tips will you be trying out over the winter period? Maybe you have some more that you’d like to share with us too. Pop your comments in the box below!

Out of town for a few days? Set your Cosy to Hibernate mode before heading off.

With Hibernate mode your heating will be off but (thanks to our handy frost protection feature) your pipes won’t freeze!

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