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Demonstrating acceptance of our future flexible grid – today.

Working with industry partners, geo are leading a BEIS funded consortium to demonstrate customer acceptance and market viability of our future flexible grid, by enabling domestic demand-side-response through our Hybrid Home™ in 24 UK homes.


Power up with Core and the Hybrid Home™

Recently, at TechUK, our CEO and Co-Founder, Patrick Caiger-Smith presented his passion for his own Hybrid Home™. In his Edwardian Farm House, Patrick has paved the way for homes to become the bedrock of GB’s future flexible grid. Be it his solar powered hot water, transportation, or battery, his home is perfectly poised to provide the necessary flexibility to help the grid further decarbonise.

To do this, Patrick identified five market and technological solutions to advance:

1) Household half-hour ‘spot price’ tariffs, so homeowners can charge when it’s cheapest

2) The right to sell excess generation, on an open market and be paid a fair rate

3) Access to suppliers, where stored energy can be sold when not needed at home

4) A marketplace for (Demand Side Response) DSR services, where participating households get fairly paid

5) A really intelligent management system that optimises all this, so homeowners can relax and let the technology do the work.

These aspirations have driven geo’s Core Energy Brain development in an effort to realise these solutions.

When BEIS announced their Domestic DSR competition in November 2017, geo seized the opportunity to connect our Core Energy Brain with the growing number of grid services, thus Core4Grid was born – demonstrating acceptance of our future flexible grid, today.

About the Core4Grid project

To accelerate our national journey towards our future flexible grid, we ambitiously set ourselves three challenges:

1. Demonstrate that domestic flexible grid technology is ready to deploy affordably, with a net economic benefit realisable at scale.

2. Demonstrate that households are positive about becoming active consumers [automatically participating in demand flexibility] via their Core Energy Brain.

3. Demonstrate that aggregated Hybrid Homes provide flexibility; reliable and sizeable in key stress areas.

To achieve this, BEIS and project partners are funding industrial research to:

  • Design & Build – Policy framework, consumer proposition, technical architecture
  • Test & Improve – Economic viability, technology readiness, consumer acceptance
  • Spread the word of greater flexibility – A smarter, greener, more affordable future

Our early recommendations to industry can be found here.

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We couldn’t do it alone, so we assembled a World-leading consortium, in flexibility markets and domestic energy delivery.