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Introducing the Internet of Energy

Internet of Energy technologies are energy devices and appliances installed in homes, such as solar panels, energy storage systems or batteries, energy monitoring solutions, electric vehicles and related charging infrastructure. In addition to these newer energy technologies, objects like heating and cooling systems or hot water boilers, which are commonly found in homes today, are also considered to be Internet of Energy devices, once they have been modernized with the necessary sensors and communication modules to enable interaction with the outside energy market.

How does the IoE differentiate from the IoT?

Internet of Energy technologies are a specialist subset of the Internet of Things composed of energy devices and appliances installed in homes. IoE technologies differentiate from typical consumer IoT devices by normally being supplied and installed by specialists, and usually remain within a house once the owners have moved on. Often IoE devices and appliances will have several users / owners during their life. Additionally, IoE appliance lifecycles will usually be long, requiring support and upgrades throughout their lifespan.

To explore this very important topic further, geo enlisted IDC (International Data Corporation) to product a thought provoking whitepaper which explores the Internet of Energy, how it is developing, why the IoE is essential, what role consumers and prosumers play, why are Active Home platforms necessary, and the IoE ecosystem’s role in unleashing the its potential.

The paper demonstrates that the technological prerequisites already exist to unleash the IoE’s potential, yet IoE is stalling to really take off due to a series of hurdles that the IoE ecosystem needs to address for customers to buy into it.

This research leverages a series of interviews conductive with executives from various types of companies that currently play in the Internet of Energy ecosystem, such as home energy management executives, utility executives, communication service provider executives, white goods manufacturers, industry associations executive, etc. The primary research was conduct between June and September 2017.

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