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geo’s innovative approach and proven technology not only resonates with consumers – our solutions are also trusted by a wide network of business partners including multiple utilities, meter providers and energy installers who sell them on to their customers. The portfolio of products and services sits under geo’s ‘Under One Roof’ concept.

Tempo – Connected Energy Services

This service provides utilities with a range of individual or combined digital solutions that they use to build a stronger relationship with their customers. This includes the efficient collection of raw data from meters or solar panels, delivery onto cloud servers, and the processing of information for analysis and presentation. This data can be presented on an in-home display and an energy app.  It can also be provided as raw or processed data for further use. The solutions can also include two-way WiFi connectivity to exploit IoT type functionality.

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Cosy – Simpler Living

Cosy, which stands for Connected System as well as being an evocative brand name, is geo’s consumer facing IoT proposition. Currently it encompasses three main applications…

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Hybrid Home – Affordable Living

geo’s objective is to reduce energy consumption in its customer’s connected homes and enable more affordable living by helping them to gain control of their energy usage and give them visibility of it so they can better match it to their budget and lifestyle choices.

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