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Core and The Hybrid Home

Imagine a world where all your heat, electric and transport needs were satisfied effortlessly at home – without contributing to climate change. 

Our Hybrid Home promises this future, balancing household and grid energy demands:

  • Smarter – simplifying tomorrows flexible grid, so you don’t have to think about it
  • Greener – maximising renewable generation by enabling domestic flexibility
  • More affordable – monetising the value for industry and consumer alike


Following more than 10 years innovating energy, we realised that as renewable generation increases, and heat and transport is electrified, the energy complexity will necessarily increase.

Needed, but no good for consumers – or those providing solutions for consumers.

To solve this, we set about enabling automated flexibility at home.


Our solution, The Hybrid Home – the integration of smarter energy technology in the home.

Powered by Core, our energy brain, it automatically balances grid and consumer energy needs.

For consumers and the industry, collectively Core and the Hybrid Home provides smarter, greener, more affordable power – simply.


Core is the brains of the Hybrid Home – learning, predicting and optimising home energy systems.

Core, our energy brain, optimises and automates scheduling and switching of DSR-ready appliances*, to improve comfort and save costs. It is preference, tariff and usage driven, with value portrayed via app assets.

Coupling Core to any flexible load*, be that domestic battery storage, an EV charger, programmable appliance or smart heating system, unlocks the value of flexibility for the household, energy retailer or service provider.

The Hybrid Home

When combined with smart monitoring of usage, generation and tariffs, one or more flexible loads, and a single user interface, Core turns your home into a Hybrid Home.

Using a hybrid of self-generated and grid power, Hybrid Homes can save money from their energy bill by optimising time-of-use tariffs, maximising solar self-consumption and generating revenues from providing flexibility services.

Maximising the benefits

One of the biggest attractions of the Hybrid Home is that the benefits it delivers are both significant and spread across numerous stakeholders: the consumer, government, property market and energy industry.

To demonstrate the extent of these we’re leading the Core4Grid Project, where, alongside industry partners, we’re demonstrating the viability of our future flexible grid – both to consumers and industry.

Read on for more insights on how to unlock the value of domestic flexibility with our innovative, government and industry backed activities.


The start of your journey

To start your Hybrid Home journey, download our brochure or data sheet below.

Better still, contact geo for a quote, and start managing your energy demands whilst improving your value to your customers!

Brochure Datasheet