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Smarter Living: the Cosy Connected System

For businesses that want to offer their customers smart home products to improve their loyalty, Cosy offers a growing range of connected products.  Starting with heating, this year we are adding electric heating, water management and energy monitoring.

Under one roof

Cosy is a turn-key proposition: geo provides the hardware, platform apps, fulfilment, installation, customer support and reverse logistic services, which is why we describe it as a connected system. We do the system integration, reducing your risk and focusing delivery responsibilities.

Progressive user proposition

Not only will your users benefit from routine improvements but you will also be able to upgrade them to new functionality, all using the same integrated services.  In this way, when users are at break points in their contracts you can offer them additional services, thus increasing loyalty.

Access to data

With the user’s permission, we can also provide access to both raw and processed data from the system and its sensors.

Download the Datasheet

Cosy Heating

Cosy simpler heating does just that: it makes it easier for users to control their heating.  You wouldn’t leave home with your lights on, with Cosy you don’t need to leave your heating on either. Cosy offers:

  • Simple, professional  installation – it adds rather than replaces
  • Simple in-home controls for everyone, even babysitters!
  • Simple remote controls and schedules from multiple apps

A proven, extendable smart home proposition that appeals to multiple consumer segments.

Cosy Water

Cosy simpler water – WaterLock – does just that.  When your customers leave their home for any period such as a skiing holiday, why leave full water pressure on?  If there is a leak the damage will be considerable.  With WaterLock they can simply isolate their water from their mobile or a wireless switch in the home.  It also comes with sensors that can alert them to high humidity, freezing temperatures or standing water, for example, under their washing machine.

(Available Autumn 2017)

Learn more about WaterLock

Cosy Energy

Cosy simpler energy makes energy visible and alerts users to unusual usage patterns.  The data can be provided from smart meters, standard meters, solar meters and from smart plugs.  It is made available in an integrated simpler energy app within the overall Cosy app.

(Available Autumn 2017)

The Cosy App

With the ‘out of the box’ Cosy app, customers can control their heating and hot water from anywhere – using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Cosy app is available for web, iOS or Android.

Third Party Apps

Cosy is an integrated home energy management system: an “Internet of Energy” application.  It can and will use third party data such as weather forecasts to increase its functionality.  We can also integrate third party systems, initially in the cloud but also in the home as part of our overall Hybrid Home proposition.

If you are interested in working with us and integrating your products with Cosy and the Legato protocol please get in touch.

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