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Water damage is the single largest insurance risk to UK homes, causing emotional and financial worry for millions of householders as well as being a major expense for insurance providers.

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geo’s Waterlock system has been specifically designed to reduce the risk, hassle and expense of water damage claims.

Waterlock detects excess humidity, standing water and freezing conditions, alerting the householder to risk via the app and instantly shutting off the mains water supply.

Peace of mind for the householder and control of the water supply at home and away.

Key Features

Detection and action

Waterlock detects the leak and takes mitigating action by closing the water valve automatically.

Leaks can be detected by the sensor, either by the presence of standing water, or an increase in the humidity level.

Users can remotely open and close the valve using the mobile app.


Waterlock supports up to 6 wireless sensors that can be placed in high risk areas such as kitchens, utility rooms or places where water ingress has previously occurred,  optimising both detection and control capabilities.

waterlock app

  • Enables remote management of home’s water supply providing notifications at the first sign of leaks, humidity or temperature changes
  • Valve control to turn water on or off
  • Email notifications
  • Multiple users per system to accommodate families or  property managers and landlords

Proven technology

Developed by geo, an experienced smart home solutions company with over 5 million devices installed. The system includes the WRAS approved valve, which has been installed in over 1 million homes to date.

Long range communication

868MHz RF ensures a robust, secure and long-range connection between components in the home. This enables the system to work in large homes, properties with outbuildings or other environments where higher frequency wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi do not perform well.

Data services

Has the ability to supply data directly to insurance partners or property management companies (subject to end user permission). This enables the introduction of innovative bundles of Connected Home technology with insurance policies or managed services, to the mutual benefit of the supplier and consumer.

Cost effective

Developed with cost effective components that are easy to install and support. It uses consumer broadband for data transmission, and capitalises on geo’s extensive experience in providing high-volume practical solutions to the market that deliver a great return on investment.


Professional installation is strongly recommended because the Waterlock valve connects directly to the home’s main water supply.

More information

If you would like further information please download the Waterlock datasheet or get in touch with the team below.

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