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Health and Safety Policy

Green Energy Options (“geo”) Health and Safety Policy

geo recognises that the health, safety and welfare of employees, visitors, contractors and the wider community who may be affected by any of our operations is of primary importance in the successful conduct of our business.  As a minimum, we will meet all legal requirements, including the Health and Safety at Work Act, and other reasonably practicable measures to ensure health and safety (H&S).


We will:

  • Provide adequate resources to address H&S issues and assign responsibilities for ensuring compliance with our policy.
  • Expect staff to comply with our policy and take responsibility for conducting their work in a safe manner.
  • Ensure that staff have the appropriate skills, training and supervision, and have access to H&S information and specialist expertise where necessary.
  • Maintain a working environment that is safe, without risks to health and has adequate means of access and egress.
  • Maintain all equipment and systems of work in a safe state.
  • Make arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of any potentially hazardous articles and substances.
  • Undertake annual safety inspections of all work areas.
  • Maintain an accident book, require staff to enter any accident or near miss and investigate causes of significant events, located with the Office Manager.
  • Ensure that any work by geo staff on third party sites is subject to a safety risk assessment, complies with local H&S requirements and is approved by the third party’s representative.
  • Provide means for effective employee feedback regarding H&S matters, using Improvement Notes.
  • Strive to maintain best practise, seeking continual improvement by monitoring our performance and establishing objectives for improvement where applicable.
  • Publish the policy on the website.


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Last updated: 10th June 2013